What is YESin7days?®
We teach YOU how to...
  • Have hundreds of visitors attend your open houses!
  •  Gain multiple future listings from from one event!
  •  Sell your listings in 7 days for way over comps! 
  •  Earn more money per listing! 
  •  Say NO to cold calling, farming or paying for lead generation!
  •  Enjoy a perpetual stream of new clients in the process!
Some of Jenean's Open House Traffic-Cams
This Grand Opening Open House®
attracted 309 visitors.
This Grand Opening Open House® 
attracted 389 visitors.
Jenean's Track Record
Average LIST Price: $498,166 
Average SALES Price: $544,278
Average List to Selling Ratio: 110% 
Average Days on Market: 6
Average Commission: 3.51% x 2 = 7.02%
279 visitors in 4 hours turns $1M home into $1.15M sale.
DISCLAIMER: Less viable offers were presented off camera. $5K adjustment made to sales price after video editing.
Student Videos
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Jenean's first student's Grand Opening Open House® 
Sandi & Debbie's Grand Opening Open House®
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Jenean's First Student: Before & After YESin7days® Stats
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Tom's Testimonial – Jenean's Lender.
Agent Visiting a Grand Opening Open House®.
Agent Visiting a Grand Opening Open House®.
Jenean's Clients - Raw Testimonial
Meet Your Teacher, Jenean Hill.
Learn about your new teacher, her story, and accomplishments.
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The Evolution of YESin7days®
Prior to developing YESin7days®, Jenean did all the conventional real estate tasks--door knocking, cold calling, etc.--to secure listings. Those techniques worked for her, but she was “hating life” because she found the methods extremely uncomfortable and time-consuming. 
While she was successful at securing listings, when she hosted her first open house, literally NOBODY showed up. Not only did she earn zero pay for her full-day’s work, she also had to tell the homeowner that her efforts didn’t create any potential offers or even any interest in their home. More discomfort and aggravation.
Despite being an optimist, Jenean hated the “conventional process”--she could see that it was deeply flawed--so she decided to apply her marketing background and her psychology education to explore a different approach. She knew that it was much better to attract clients than it was to chase them. This led her to wondering how she could get clients to knock on her door instead of her having to knock on theirs. 
Because an open house was essentially a way for clients to “knock on her door”, she directed her focus to revolutionizing open houses so they were extraordinary and memorable. More significant, her higher goal was to use these events as a platform to demonstrate her exceptional skills and attract new buyers and sellers. 

This led to meticulous trial and error testing and scientifically-measured split-testing of every open house component. Jenean experimented with various types of home upgrades and staging to determine what produced the greatest return on investment. She introduced food to the open houses and then split-test different foods to see which yielded the greatest sales results.
She explored the use of signage, inside and outside the home, again testing and split-testing to see what worked best. This led to the creation of the "Buy-It-Now/Double-End Display Board"--one of Jenean's most powerful tools.

She also implemented various counterintuitive and ingenious methods to attract agents and buyers to her listings to create a "feeding frenzy" of visitors once the doors of her Grand Opening Open Houses® opened. The result? Multiple offers well over comps in 7 days or less in both buyers’ and sellers’ markets, multiple double-end opportunities, and a perpetual stream of new business. 
More visitors = More offers
Offers stacked on the table
Offers from one open house
From there YESin7days® was born, and it was “game on”.  

But before offering this unique program broadly, it was important for Jenean to train a handful of agents in select markets across the country to confirm that others could easily apply these techniques in their area with the same success. The results were outstanding. 

At last, the YESin7days® system is available for agents to learn online and then transform their businesses and their lives.

Take a look at the open house traffic-cam videos and partial spreadsheet of Jenean’s track record to see how the YESin7Days program created a superstar. 
Watch Jenean in Action
Grand Opening Open House® Stats:
271 visitors
18 offers in 24 hours
$62,000 more than last closed sale
4 neighbors will be using Jenean to sell their home
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